9 Types of Reading Journal Entries

A typical independent reading task in my classroom consists of reading and a response to reading.

A response to reading usually is done in the reading journal. It helps students to confidently and independently respond to texts if, over the year, you help them build up a bank of reading journal entry types that they can choose from.

Last year my class developed this list throughout the year, starting with sticky noting and building up options over time.

There are so many ways reading journal entries can look so I have decided to share some of the ones I use that I typically find to be popular with students, effective for developing reading strategies and open enough to encourage students to really think and make it their own!

Read more about where reading journals fit into the reading workshop, independent reading and what a reading journal is in an upcoming post which I will link here.

I would love to know about different ways you teach your students to journal when reading. Please comment if you have some new ones I could try!

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