6+1 Traits of Writing Mentor Texts: Organisation

This post is part of a series of posts on mentor texts I recommend for showing students how authors use the 6+1 Traits of Writing. What is the Organisation trait? The writing trait of organisation involves "the internal structure of the piece, the thread of meaning, the logical pattern of ideas".Ruth Culham (6+1 Traits of … Continue reading 6+1 Traits of Writing Mentor Texts: Organisation

Getting Started with Writer’s Notebook

What is a Writer’s Notebook? Sometimes called the ‘messy attic of the mind’, the writer’s notebook is a magical place. It’s a place writers can collect, store, grow and nurture their ideas for writing. It is often filled with a collection of seeds (artefacts that provoke writing) like photos, sketches, holiday mementos, lists, news clippings, … Continue reading Getting Started with Writer’s Notebook